About us

Our history

Since our founding in 2008 in Montebello, our small business has been committed to creating gentle products using natural ingredients. Today, Lavandine continues to pursue this mission by offering a range of products that aims to contribute to the well-being of the entire family.

Our values

At Lavandine et Cie, our vision is that of a community based on essential values ​​such as health and simplicity. We firmly believe that well-being comes from a deep connection with nature and its elements. This is why we are inspired by the cycle of nature, its wisdom and its benefits to create our products.

We aspire to offer more than just a range of products. We also want to create a space of well-being where everyone can come together, recharge their batteries and find benefits for their body and mind. For us, Lavandine represents much more than a company: it is an invitation to discover a deep sweetness and love within oneself.

Responsible products

With us, each product is an artisanal creation, carefully crafted by hand and composed only of natural ingredients. We are committed to excluding any use of harmful fragrances or preservatives from our formulations. In addition, we systematically favor the use of raw raw materials of the highest quality, from eco-responsible and organic crops wherever possible.

Preserving the environment and respecting animal life are at the heart of our values. This is why none of our products are tested on animals. We strongly believe in creating products that are both good for you and the planet. By choosing our products, you are choosing natural beauty, respectful of your skin and our world.

  • Local beeswax

  • Organic shea butter

  • Vitamin E

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Organic calendula oil

  • Local lavender flowers

  • Pure essential oils

  • Organic cocoa butter

  • dead sea salt